How to use Gantt charts for project planning?

gantt chart
Managing a project means managing people, technology, activities, risks, business and expectations. While there are lots of things to take care of, keeping an eye on each becomes difficult as the project moves forward; it becomes bigger and more complex than before. However, if you miss just one; your whole project might have to suffer which may ultimately hinders your progress. Continue reading “How to use Gantt charts for project planning?” »

Slipping tasks – Is your project red-flagged?

Amongst all the risks involved in a project, task slipping can incur huge loss to a company. When tasks start to slip, it is an indication that something is wrong and the project isn’t progressing as planned. At times, it is because of improper resource utilization, sometimes due to wrong scheduling and so on… No matter what, if your project had its first lapse, then there might be a long list of falls coming your way. Continue reading “Slipping tasks – Is your project red-flagged?” »

Gauging project success with reports


Proofhub project reports

Proofhub project reports

It is no wonder that project management without reporting is just like a half baked cake. You can see it, smell it, touch it, but you cannot enjoy its taste. Similarly, even if you have incorporated the best project management tool to streamline multiple projects; you cannot guarantee delivery of your projects, unless you have project reports with you. Continue reading “Gauging project success with reports” »

Understanding IT Project Failure: How project management helps?

ProofHub IT project management

Though, project management spans almost each and every industry, but when it comes to the IT field, there are some unique requirements and challenges. Dealing with software development activities, deploying systems, employing security measures are a few to name. Whether it is about creating an ecommerce site, merging databases or designing images; planning, monitoring  and controlling Information Technology projects demands in-depth IT project management knowledge and practical expertise. Continue reading “Understanding IT Project Failure: How project management helps?” »

Casper, where?

We @ ProofHub look to be innovative to make Project management effective; from both a client’s & business’s perspective. ProofHub allows you to connect with your employees, clients directly without them unable to see who is working on the project in your team. Fictitious identity can be created for your teams, be it in house or outsourced and your clients can never make out who they are. Continue reading “Casper, where?” »