Trying to manage things at work? There’s a simple solution for that!

Having too much to do and too little time? Feeling as if you’re born to juggle at work? It’s challenging, I know, but you just can’t let your work go, right? So now is the time when you should finally realize to give it a structure; you need to manage your time and thus your work.

What’s this management all about? Let me explain! It’s about striking a work-life balance, when you’re going through those overstuffed days; when you’re working your a** round the clock to get things done on time. Well, at this point, an amalgam of your own wisdom and technology can really help. From my perspective, the latter, if used the right way, can help you achieve your purpose much easily. Why? Because your work basically revolves around tasks and time. And, to automate these processes, a software would be an excellent tool.

In fact, in a study conducted by Software Advice, a project management technology review firm, 64% of buyers want a project management software to increase organization and workflow efficiency. Further, the report tells that 40% buyers want to improve tracking and reporting capabilities using a PM software. Here’s the detailed snapshot:project management

As far as the features of a PM software are concerned, it is found that more than 60% of web-based project management buyers requested for task management and time tracking capabilities in the software. The graph below depicts what has been reported by the study:PM software

This clearly depicts the importance of time and work management along with scheduling and deadlines. So let’s discuss here, how can one achieve more and better at work with a project management system and a few efforts of their own.

Strategic planning : You need to structure it

You start with a task that you think you’d do in just an hour or so, but are unable to finish it till the end of the day. And, you’re like – where on earth did the time go? Well, its gone! Not because the job was way too difficult, but because you didn’t plan the way to do it. While on the other hand, on any given day, when there are multiple things to be done, planning should have be the first thing you should have done.

You might have heard this before, but trust me, it really works! Even a few minutes spent on planning can be much more than a rewarding investment. Make a list of what has to be done and then set the order in which it should be executed. Using a PM tool like ProofHub, one can easily create a to-do list in which tasks can be added. Further, you can break large and daunting tasks into smaller chunks by creating subtasks. Also, task priorities can be set using labels. As simple as that!

Say no to distractions: Be brutal

No, you don’t have to be rude to someone, but you can always tell people that you’ve got your own work to do first. Remember that you cannot do just everything all the time; one thing at a time would help you accomplish things better. Try to avoid those interruptions – emails, calls, etc. You need to distinguish what’s important and what’s urgent.

Keep things centralized: Access easily

Finding that lost conversation you had with your client 10 days back? Searching for a folder amongst hundreds of others? Well, get centralized; you need a hub! Using a PM tool, you can keep your data such as files, discussions, notes, etc. in just one organized place. So you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right file amongst heaps of data.

Schedule it: If you really want to get it done

Unless and until we’re given some deadline, we are mostly procrastinators, right? Human nature; can’t help it! To avoid this, you can add estimated time for tasks and set delivery dates. Put key dates as events and milestones on your calendar, so that you know when you’re going to do it. More than 40% of project management buyers asked for scheduling capabilities in the software, as per the report generated by Software Advice, which clearly shows its importance.

Delegate: The right work to right people

Often, you have a lot going on. In such situations, I would recommend you to distribute the tasks among your team members. Resource management, which is requested by 27% of PM software buyers, is therefore another crucial feature. Not only this would reduce your workload, but would also help in finishing the job on time. See that which task should be best done by whom because the way you delegate the work, has a direct impact on the productivity of your team.

Track: To stay updated and focused

Whether its you alone or a whole team working together on a project, keeping track of what’s done and what’s behind schedule is critical for project success. A software with time tracking feature can help simplify this process. So you and your team can update the time spent on tasks done. Also, Gantt charts are an extremely useful way to see how project tasks are progressing according to the planned schedule. Apart from that, project reports are used by managers to track work progress. However, using an online PM tool with automatic reporting feature could better save time and effort than generating manual reports.

Transform your work life

And finally, with all this done, surely you and your team would be more productive and efficient at work and would be able to accomplish project goals much easily.

New enhancements to make you more productive

We are happy to announce a few more enhancements to help you, our users, our folks, better manage their work and collaborate with teams.

Time estimate for tasks and timesheets

At ProofHub, we understand that while you plan to achieve project goals, whether big or small, some working assumptions are always required. And this is why we’ve introduced “time estimate” in ProofHub. Yes! Now you have the ability to add ‘estimated number of hours’ to tasks and timesheets.

So, before beginning with a given task, assigned team members would have an idea about how much time is estimated for its completion. For those dollar-for-hour companies, time estimation would help in determining the price of projects and is thus pivotal for the company and their clients.

More? Estimating the time to complete will assist you with resource, cost and time planning. Withal, you can compare the time estimated to that of actually spent on tasks, thus helping you gauge whether you quoted realistically or not. Learn more about time estimate for tasks and timesheets.

Private timesheets

In the effort to help you better privatize your project data and enhance confidentiality, we’ve introduced private timesheets in ProofHub. So if you don’t wish everyone to access your ProofHub timesheets, then you can simply mark them as private. This will allow access to only specific clients or selective team members; thus hiding it from the rest of those involved in the project. Know more here.

There’s much more on its way! Thank you for all the support and love. We’re excited to do even more together in 2015. It’s going to be an awesome year.

Happy ProofHub-ing!

People at ProofHub

This blog entry is an opportunity for you to know the people here at PH and make up your own mind about us.

So, what sort of people do you think work at ProofHub? Well today, Roger, one of our core developers, is on a mission – He’s sneaking around to loot things of two of his teammates. One is Rechelle, she’s the marketing head of PH, sitting next to him and one is Adi, the support head, on the front desk. And Roger has three assistants who are now skilled in hiding things where no one could ever reach.

This stealing is a trend. Yes, here at ProofHub, you just need to blink your eyes or move your head for a while and Ta-da! Magic happens! Something from your desk is surely missing, its gone – It could be your cellphone, your access card, sheets, your coffee cup, cupcakes, and these thieves can also take away your chair , your monitor and keyboard too.

But this is no more an apprehension; for we’re now used to this stuff happening one moment or the other; And we really enjoy it!

Well, this was just one snippet of how things are, so let’s move ahead to know more.

Starting with the development team, “The Geekers”, are diligent, quite dexterous and personally I’d say “Robot” like – They’ve that one similar facial expression all the time. :P Our coders – Roger (whom you are now well aware of) and Rav are into the coding and database handling. Another guy, Param, works on the front-end development. Ashish,  Martha and Vipul, the QAs, complete the team and are cool.

Now we’ve the chirpy, happy and thrilled marketing team – These guys are all rounders. They love to experiment and bombard each other with crazy-n-silly names. Maintaining ProofHub’s social media presence, updating new rollouts and dancing are the things these guys usually do.

Then comes the support – Brisk yet contented, always ready to help, awesome people wearing headphones till doomsday. These guys are into the client interaction part, handling calls and they manage the whole PH support section.

Next we have the designers. Out of all, one is Shekhar who loves to work on website, help videos and application layout. These days, he’s completely focusing on enhancing PH’s user interface and mobile app design, which is to be launched soon. Then we’ve Mahesh, he’s got good grip over newsletters, graphics and other designing stuff. For freehand graphics, we’ve Camella and she’s mostly found with her iPad and stylus.

Now, you may ask, who am I, the one who’s writing this post? Well, I am silent at times and would poke others, sometimes. I am the one who’s the victim of majority of Roger’s robbery attempts. I am the writer here at ProofHub.

At PH, people are really open to whatever initiative you want to drive or get involved in. Personally, I feel that the possibilities here at PH allow you to set your own destiny and have the career you’ve always dreamed of. With individuals from different nationalities and flavors, ProofHub is now even a bigger and happy family.

People here are best at what they do, but other than job specialities, people here are foodie as well and have their groups based on eating preferences – One is the “Sandwich” group and the other is “Pasta” group. And there’s a match everyday, a carrom and chess match, where you can expect heights of cheating being done.

But frankly, no matter what – We all are more than simple colleagues, we are buddies, nice buddies! Every individual here knows that we’re on a journey, a journey to achieve a mission.

Remember in the kindergarten, we were taught to ‘share’ and that is what we are doing here! We’re sharing ideas, helping each other finding solutions to problems and knowing what we’ve never known. We have fun and we still make a difference.

And this fun is not only limited to office; we’ve a whatsapp group where we chit-chat, share gags and joke each other. In one line I’d say, “We’re all in this together and have a huge opportunity as a team; we’re ProofHub-ers.”

Well, by the time I am finishing this post, Roger has already laid hands on Rechelles peanuts and popcorns :P

ProofHub’s vision for the year 2015

It’s really amazing for us to see that in just 4 short years, ProofHub has grown into a massive tool, a medium, and above all a full fledged platform, that lets you simplify your work life.

Since the day we started with this product in 2011 with a small team of 5 members, we knew where we want to reach and being fortunate enough, we received tremendous support from you, our users.

Now looking towards the new year, 2015 marks new challenges and opportunities for us to help you do better and more. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we at ProofHub are excited for all the new resolutions yet our vision remains the same. With this, we have one thing on our mind, our primary goal – to help people make their work lives easier, and we’re constantly working towards that.

Our development never stops and we’re committedly focused towards developing features that people really need. We’re enhancing user experience, improving usability, simplifying things, making task management easier, providing best in class customer support and above all helping users to boost their day-to-day productivity.

We are gearing up to target more devices by introducing mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, incorporating third party integrations, and more to make this tool as simple, user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

With all the progress we’ve made so far, we’re continually growing our team to pace up with your expectations. We firmly believe that the reason why ProofHub stood the test of time is because we have always valued our greatest strength – our people. We feel fortunate to have people who call up at 11:30 in the night to share a new idea or something that clicks their mind; creativity isn’t bound to time and place, there’s no end to it.

This old adage best describes us.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Most importantly, your valuable feedback and input over the years has helped shape PH into what it is today. And for that, we thank you.

And yes! There are bunch of features, improvements and updates on the way. So stay tuned!

Happy ProofHub-ing!

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