Email Overload – Let’s lookout an alternative to email

why proofhub is an email alternative

Why ProofHub is an email alternative?

As a regular routine, I opened my inbox and there was nothing new. A lot many emails from my colleagues were cloaking as always, and I knew this is going to be just another half an hour in finding the one email, I am actually looking for.

Often, I can’t help myself asking, am I the only one being trapped with flooded inboxes or there are others facing the same situation. Take a look at your inbox and see how many emails are waiting for your action. For me, the count goes up to hundreds! Yes it does!

Too much, but too little important!!

Not only filtering out useful emails, but also differentiating which ones are actually important and which not, consumes much of our time. In reality, more than half of the emails are trashed unopened. Moreover, it is quite annoying to be addressed into subjects which hardly require your attention.

In a corporate scenario, where communication is an essential part of every project, sending mails back and forth to discuss, schedule and make conclusions clutters up your inbox and creates mess. Even, calling each other for face to face meetings isn’t possible every time, because some of them might not be able attend.

Checking emails side by side?

Interestingly, a study made by Loughborough University in 2002, states that majority of people react to an email within 6 seconds of its arrival, almost same as that of a phone call.

Most of the employees are in habit of checking emails alongside work. And if we consider the time consumed in reading emails and switching tabs, collectively, it might stretch up to an hour or so in a day.

Scrap the email!

So, what if you have a system that works as a powerful alternative to email and helps in getting information to right people, without bothering others.

A web based collaboration tool like ProofHub helps you keep every bit of your project communication at a common place. When a team collaborates to get a project done, ProofHub offers different tools to make it as simple as possible.

As soon as you create a project, you can invite required people for the same and when adding tasks, there is no need to inform them separately, just assign them the respective tasks and they can check by themselves.

Moreover, email is not the answer when you need to make an instant conversation with someone. Just ping them through ProofHub chat; it even allows you to chat in groups.

Let’s give it a try and see how things come along!