Heavy-handed with tasks? Make a run for Gantt Chart!

project management software with gantt chart

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Dealing with unordered tasks has always been a tough job, especially when there are too many of them. It becomes hard to decide which one is to be done first and which to be considered later. Things become confusing and messy!

It is almost a similar scenario with endless people working in corporations. Even if I take myself as an example, when occupied with some daily work and any urgent task lands in between which needs to be delivered within a certain time frame, it creates a disconnection between the work I was doing before.

What needs to be done?

If we give a closer look to the situation, all we need is scheduling of the workflow. When you have a clear picture of tasks before you, it certainly eases up their execution and there is no space left for confusion.

One simple way of streamlining project tasks is Gantt charts (which I came across a few days back), and these come with the advantage of being graphical in nature. There are basically two things you can do with a Gantt chart software-

  • First is, to create dependencies between tasks
  • And the second is, to view task progress

How task dependency helps?

Setting task dependency helps you to better understand the relation between two or more tasks, and is a good way to organize tasks according to their dependency. I find it much of a help as it lets me view the order in which tasks need to be done. And if you shift any task, the rest of dependent tasks gets shifted automatically. So there is no need to re-plan the schedule.

How tracking task progress is helpful?

Viewing progress of different tasks lets you watch which tasks are behind the schedule so that appropriate actions can be taken.

No more progress reports!

A project management software with Gantt charts offers an easy way for managers to view task progress, thereby eliminates the submission of separate progress reports by employees (such a relief!!).

My verdict

With constant changes made in projects every single day, painstakingly writing all this on paper, or maintaining spreadsheets can be cumbersome and tough to understand. On the other hand, online Gantt charts simplifies this problem completely. Give it a try!